Debbie Parkins and Paul Jordaans

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Debbie & Paul occasionally talk about their adventures, for example when a new poem, drawing or painting was created. Below are some of those stories that you can download or listen to.

46. Carpe Diem Vlag UK

45. Writing with a fountain pen Vlag UK

44. Life is Beyond Limits Vlag UK

43. Surviving Dark Periods Vlag UK

42. Fifty-eight Years with CF Vlag UK

41. Just a conversation on YouTube Vlag UK

40. Sunday Morning (59) Playing with a Needle Vlag UK

39. Is Enlightenment a form of Neurodiversity? Vlag UK

38. Science and Nonduality are One Vlag UK

37. Taking the bus to Paris Vlag UK

36. What has happened? Liberation in Practice Vlag UK

35. The Art of Coughing Vlag UK

34. Why (Like the angels from a star) Vlag UK

33. How Oneness Dissolves the Predicaments of Life Vlag UK

32. Falling Awake - The non story of Realization Vlag UK

31. What's in a War? Vlag UK

30. From the Hague with Love Vlag EN

30. From the Hague with Love Vlag NL

29. Ode an die Freude Vlag UK

28. Time and Music Vlag UK

27. Experience, Belief, Trust, Intuition and Realization (Liberation) - A little nondual Dictionary Vlag UK

26. The Question(s) Covid urges us to ask Vlag UK

25. A Theory of Neverything Vlag UK

23. Intentions - A tale about three Love Poems Vlag UK

22. Mirage - A tale about two Poems Vlag UK

18. Frederic Mompou Vlag UK

17. Frédéric Chopin Vlag UK

16. The Santa Clausness of life Vlag UK

15. Identification with "your" Illness: find it and go beyond! Vlag UK

14. DIT IS 'T! Vlag NL

13. The Perfect Present Vlag UK

12. Go and Sit with It! - The Monopoly of the Mind Vlag UK

11. If I Could Do It All Again Vlag UK

10. Everything is Wholeness - about discovery, realization and terms of wholeness Vlag UK

9. How to BE - about getting out of your mind Vlag UK

8. Established Parameters - About Star Trek, Data, a superantibiotic and Franciscus of Assisi Vlag UK

8. Established Parameters - Over Star Trek, Data, een super-antibioticum en Franciscus van Assisi Vlag NL

7. Ubi non cogito, ibi sum - Some intuitions on the nature of awareness (consciousness) Vlag UK

6. Het ego in de Genealogie - Over Th�ophile de Bock, Paravicini di Capelli en de Bommelerwaard Vlag NL

5. Inspiratie en Creativiteit Audio-bestand aanwezig Vlag NL

4. The Buddha�s Arrows (about the Buddha, Wittgenstein and Matisse) Vlag UK

4. De pijlen van De Boeddha (over Boeddha, Wittgenstein en Matisse) Audio-bestand aanwezig Vlag NL

3. Geluk, lijden en een struisvogel: Mindfulness (Awareness) in de praktijk Audio-bestand aanwezig Vlag NL

2. Over schilderijen van Debbie, een paar gedichten en muziek Vlag NL

1. Inspiratie en Damunt de tu Vlag NL